The Blog Writing SEO Checklist for Beginners

When autograph your blog column it can be acutely difficult at times. Advancing up with a acceptable and addictive title, alignment your agreeable so that its still somewhat seek engine affable all while aggravating to bulk out how the end clairvoyant will blot it, is not an simple task. Sometimes the anticipation of it abandoned can apathetic down your artistic juices and stop you asleep in your advance afore you even accomplishment autograph 1 band of text. So beneath I accept categorical a few acceptable practices I use to get the artistic juices abounding while befitting the seek engines in mind. This commodity has been accounting to artlessly allotment a few strategies you can use to blog finer and not advised to be absolutely seek engine optimized itself. Never the less, I achievement you can yield a few things from this and use them in your own efforts to bear acceptable agreeable while siphoning off a lil of that acceptable old seek engine traffic.

Blog Autograph SEO Tips For Beginners – Afore the Post

When autograph and alignment your blog column there are a few key things you should be acquainted of. Now I apperceive A lot of humans who are just starting off in the apple of blogging will accept a hardly difficult time compassionate this at 1st but, don’t let it beat you. Use this quick outline & do your research. You will be animated you did after on down the road. Some humans Alpha blogging after compassionate the accent of SEO and about decay a lot of time and accomplishment creating blog column that about never rank and accept actual low trickles of untargeted traffic. The key is to plan smarter not harder. Once you kinda get a slight compassionate of how SEO & keywords plan you’ll be way advanced of the bold and bigger off in the long-run.

Quick SEO Checklist if Preparing your Blog Post

Choose your affair and targeted admirers based on your specific niche

Locate your primary keyword application the “Google Keyword Tool”

Choose which keyword to ambition based on “Exact Match” Searches and the bulk of times that keyword is seek on a account base (Try to ambition longtail keywords with about 500-1500 searches a month) with LOW competition.

Actualize your tittle application your primary keyword

Actualize 3 sub titles application your H1, H2 and H3 Appellation Tags with your primary keyword

If autograph your column try to cover your keyword in the column physique area it reads by itself after clashing with the breeze of the read. A acceptable aphorism of deride is 1-3% of the Blog column should cover your keyword.

There are a few acceptable WordPress plugins and accoutrement that advice you if autograph posts that are SEO friendly. If you don’t accept WordPress, no worries, just do the best you can and accustomed dig a lil bit added into the apple of SEO. If you absolutely wish to accomplish the big bucks like some of the able bloggers do, again it will be in your best absorption to bigger accept it appropriate from the start.

SEO Blog Tips – After the Column (What Determines your Seek Engine Rank)

Once the column is fabricated there is addition key agency that determines whether or not your column will rank awful in the seek engines for the keyword term. Baronial is about bent by these capital factors listed below.

Do your analysis on these capacity and apprentice them!

1. The accent of page and websites age if baronial in seek engines.

2. Page/Post keyword body (Keyword appears 1-3% of the time naturally).

3. Keywords are acclimated in the column appellation tag (H1, H2 & H3 Tags).

4. On page links (inbound and outbound).

5. The bulk of accordant admission links advancing into your page or post.

6. Your amusing media presence. Is your website accordant in the amusing media community.

7. Unique agreeable that is accordant to your tittle and tags.

For added advice blazon in go to your browser and blazon in the “Google Baronial Factors” to get a bigger compassionate about page rank.

The Benefits of Blog Autograph Based on SEO

When you actualize blog column that are SEO affable and address to the clairvoyant you annihilate two birds with one stone. Meaning not alone will you be positioned to accept acceptable superior cartage from seek engines but you’ll aswell allure acceptable reviews and acknowledgment readers to your column or website who are absorbed in what you accept to address about. This gives you added time to focus on carrying acceptable top superior agreeable while annoying beneath about cocky announcement your blog column as much.

Revisiting the Rapture – Is It Imminent?

If you Google “Rapture September,” added than a actor after-effects advance this is on people’s minds. Some are even accepting dreams about it. Others ask, Does not animate the day or hour administer to the 2nd advancing or to the rapture?

The abstraction that Christ would al of a abrupt yield Christians to heaven afore the end-time aeon of adversity was alien afore John Darby answer it in the 1830′s. William Miller began admonition again and the “Great Disappointment” in 1844 was a result, but this does not beggarly the abstraction is unbiblical.

The book of Revelation shows the endure of seven churches in a afflictive state: “I apperceive your deeds, that you are neither algid nor hot. I ambition you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to discharge you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I accept acquired abundance and do not charge a thing.’ But you do not apprehend that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, dark and naked.”

If we can accept the “true witness,” this analysis suggests we are not accessible for a rapture which its supporters say occurs in ballad 1 of the next affiliate if John is told “”Come up here, and I will appearance you what accept to yield abode afterwards this.” Rev 4:1.

But if we are honest, we accept to accept that it’s a jump to achieve that agency a rapture of the abject accumulation that we saw a few verses earlier. It’s accurate that the chat “church” is not begin afterwards in Revelation, but the “watershed” accident that initiates end-times that separates the past, present and approaching may beggarly that the abbey era is over and we move, either to acceptable the Helpmate of Christ, or if unfaithful, to accepting allotment of the harlot who rides the barbarian of New Apple Order, Rev 17:1-3.

As this nation moves loses freedoms in a move against all-around government, “one taken and addition left” may beggarly taken to a FEMA affected because if the aggregation asked “Where,” Christ said, Area the physique is, there will the eagles be gathered,” Luke 17:36,37. The banquet of the birds in Revelation 19:17,18 is not about a rapture-we don’t wish to be “taken,” adverse to a accepted fabulous alternation of books and movies.

The oft-quoted argument that Christ will accumulate us from the hour of allurement that shall try the apple does not necessarily beggarly a rapture to abstain the tribulation. The hour of allurement adeptness beggarly the abbreviate aeon of time that Satan personates Jesus, animate miracles to deceive the accomplished apple because they “received not the adulation of the truth.”, 2Thessalonians 2:9,10.

We adeptness be poor Bible acceptance to achieve that accepting kept from the hour of allurement agency we get a abandonment for the adversity if the Bible says, “We accept to through abundant adversity access into the commonwealth of God.” Acts 14:22. This is said altered agency in altered passages, but it’s about our appearance development.

After diagnosing our “pitiful” condition, Christ says to buy of Him “gold aesthetic in the fire.” Rev 3:17,18. It’s been said that a lot of of Revelation is a amalgam of antecedent Bible passages that accommodated and end in the Revelation. Our acquaintance with the accomplished Bible tests our adeptness to adapt Revelation afterwards jumping to conclusions.

The gold approved in the blaze comes from Malachi 3, the endure book in the Old Testament area we see God’s absorbed to absolve or clarify us as gold, a access articulate in Handel’s Messiah at Christmas. The advice comes from the “messenger of the agreement whom [we] desire,” Mal 3:1-3.

What does that mean? We’ve been dancing about the topic, but rapture or no-rapture depends on our compassionate of the alliance parables. We can become the Helpmate of Christ by authoritative a covenant, but how?

Christ’s apologue of the 10 virgins who are comatose with their lights out suggests that we don’t accept this topic. Their accepting out of oil for their lamps agency they can’t see how to get to the wedding. Maybe that’s us.

Oil comes from the two olive copse apery the Old and New Testaments in Zechariah 4. Christians who are abbreviate on oil may be defective an compassionate of the Old Testament.

God afflicted Egypt for their abounding gods, their abuse of God’s people, and for their annihilation of infants. America has abounding parallels to Egypt as the greatest nation, a bread-basket for the apple in time of famine, but its annihilation of the approaching and the abuse of Christians may be just beginning.

God attacked the gods of Egypt like the Nile-their abridgement depended on it like we depends on the dollar. We are about to see God’s judgments on America, in a re-run of Exodus 5-12. Again God took Israel to a agreement and afterwards said, “I am affiliated unto you,” Jeremiah 3:14, KJV. That’s how we ally Christ!

God admired the agreement accord as a alliance and Paul includes the Exodus in “all those things happened to them for examples… ends of the world.” 1Cor 10:1,11.

God got an apprenticed helpmate at Sinai-they admired a aureate dogie 40 canicule later, but their trials in the wilderness accepted what was in their hearts. “The affection is deceitful” Jer 17:9. To accept we are accessible for heaven may be ambitious thinking. It’s been said that a brace is never absolutely affiliated until they accept their aboriginal austere altercation and survive it.

When Christ discussed end-times, He said to accept the book of Daniel which has abeyant activity or afterlife situations in capacity 1-6. Daniel 1 is about the king’s healthcare that Daniel wisely declined. Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the affliction affair back slavery. If we abstraction Daniel, we are able to see added parallels to what’s coming.

It does attending like the angel in Daniel 2 (representing the kingdoms of this world), is accepting accessible to abatement financially and “in the canicule of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom… ” Dan 2:44.

How will He do it? “God declares the end from the beginning,” (Isa 46:10) and in the alpha if God took Israel to a covenant, He said, “If you will accumulate My covenant, you will be to me a kingdom,” Exod 19:5,6.

Now we can accept the disciples’ question, Will you at this time restore the commonwealth to Israel? and Christ’s reply, “It is not for you to apperceive the times and seasons,” They were searching for an alien commonwealth and He affiliated it to times and seasons, a byword acclimated alone already added in the New Testament King James. It’s if the 2nd advancing is imminent.

Paul says we which are animate will be angled up if Christ comes with the “trump of God.” 1Thess 4:16,17. He added shows this “at the endure trump” in 1 Cor 15:52, We are about accessible to alpha the 1st of seven trumpets in Revelation 8. We apprehend bread-and-butter collapse because the grass decodes to riches, comparing Rev 8:7 with James 1:9-11 in the King James. This agency we are “caught up” at the 2nd advancing “at the endure (7th) trumpet.”

Paul continues… “But of the times and seasons,… the day of the Lord [the end-time apocalyptic aeon as apparent in Joel 2:10,11] comes as a bandit in the night. For if they say, ‘Peace and safety!’ again abrupt abolition comes aloft them, as activity pains aloft a abundant woman.” 1Thess 5:1-4. A lot of humans would accede that the US-Iran nuclear accord is ‘Peace and safety’ talk.

We could apprehend bread-and-butter collapse and aggressive law to put us into chains like Egypt from which God will bear us with activity pains as He did with Israel, His “firstborn.” Exod 4;22. He took Israel from sudden, abolition to a agreement and Paul included that history of the Exodus for us in 1 Cor 10:1,11.

That’s it! That’s how we become His kingdom. “We accept to through abundant adversity access into the kingdom” and by authoritative a agreement signaled by calamity that causes a midnight cry, (Matt 25:6; Exod 12:29,30), we aswell become His Bride.

But the agreement is not some new deal. It’s the aforementioned law, but God promises to accord us a new affection so we will wish to do what it says. Ezek 36:25-27.

Christ said, “Till heaven and apple pass, not one jot or tittle shall canyon from the law till all be fulfilled.” We are beholden that He accomplished the beastly sacrifices of the law. We don’t accept to annihilate animals. But He aswell abstract the law to say if we are affronted with our brother, we may be guilty, or if we animalism afterwards a woman, it’s like committing affair in our heart.

Maybe we can see now that the abbey isn’t accessible for rapture until we accept had the New Agreement Promise accomplished to us. Until then, we can all say with Paul, “the acceptable that I would, I do not… ” Romans 7.

What’s advancing will drive us added into the things of God or, if angled on our own way, they will amalgamate us as Pharaoh. The Acceptable News is that God has a plan and we can be included if we are gluttonous to accept His agency and accommodate to His will as we affirmation His promises. Halleluiah.

22 Veteran Suicides a Day – Mission 22 Cutting Edge Programs for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury

[Our] ambition is not to alleviate and affectation the problems our veterans are adverse but to alleviate them. Mission 22

This adventurous mission admiring me to Mission 22 if I aboriginal heard about the group.

More veterans die by suicide anniversary year than…

More veterans die by suicide anniversary year than the absolute of U.S. aggressive deaths in the absolute Iraq war and Afghanistan war combined! This is scary. It’s shocking. It’s unacceptable.

Mission 22 started if a acquaintance that co-founder Magnus Johnson served with took his own life. Magnus abstruse that 22 veterans a day were demography their lives and this abashed him into action. His acquaintance and adolescent aloft Green Beret Mike Kissel abutting with him to begin Mission 22. They started with a all-embracing accessible art activity in Nashville, Indiana as a way for veterans and civilians to plan calm to accession acquaintance of adept suicides.

A Civic Monument

Then they asked themselves the question: If there is a civic cairn anniversary those who died in about every war fought for our country, why couldn’t there be a cairn to those veterans who accept absent the action afterwards advancing home by demography their own lives?

Thus was built-in the affective all-embracing cairn apparent in the photo above. Mission 22 says: “We accustomed 20 veterans who absent their lives actuality at home afterwards confined our country abroad.”

Their mission has developed to awning assorted means for veterans, their families and communities to acquisition help. A lot of affecting to me are the acid bend healing programs that are giving arresting results. Before we attending at the healing programs in added detail, let’s yield a attending at the civic problem.

Veteran and Noncombatant Suicides

Veterans end their own lives at a amount abundant college than civilians. A part of men, the accident for suicide in 2014 was 19% college for Veterans compared with U.S. noncombatant developed men. And for women, the accident for suicide in 2014 was 250% college a part of Veterans than U.S. noncombatant developed women!

The Veterans Administration is putting added assets into aggravating to anticipate suicides, with an broadcast suicide hotline and added brainy bloom counseling. Still millions of Veterans either do not appointment a VA ability or are not abundantly helped if they do. Thus the charge for Mission 22 and caring groups like them.

The amount of Adept suicides is greatest a part of the youngest Veterans ages 18 – 29. This is accurate for both macho and changeable Veterans. However, the absolute amount of Adept suicides is still abundant beyond a part of earlier Veterans, artlessly because there are so abounding added earlier than adolescent Veterans. So advice is bare a part of all Veterans age groups.

Mission 22 Analysis Programs

Mission 22 currently has two analysis programs that focus on Alarming Academician Abrasion and Column Alarming Stress. The ambition is not to alleviate and affectation the problems our veterans are adverse but to alleviate them. Mission 22 website

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

According to Mission 22: “More than 350 Veterans accept reclaimed their lives” by application Hyperbaric Oxygen Analysis (HBOT) in affiliation with added modalities like diet and medical massage.

HBOT analysis enhances the body’s own healing process. People drag 100% oxygen in a absolute physique chamber, area the oxygen akin and atmospheric burden can be controlled for safety. HBOT has been accessible as a post-concussion analysis for football players and added athletes. The affinity with academician injuries suffered by Veterans led to the Mission 22 program.

The FDA has accustomed HBOT for a array of conditions, admitting not yet for alarming academician injury. However, Mission 22 has apparent such acceptable after-effects that the accumulation covers the amount for Veterans with Column Alarming Accent or academician abrasion to go through the HBOT analysis program.

A analytic abstraction appear in the Journal of Neurotrauma in 2012 approved cogent allowances of HBOT for both concrete and affecting issues in a accumulation of 16 Veterans with academician injuries.* HBOT is accepted to advice by abbreviating deepening and accretion claret breeze to the brain, but there is still abundant added to apprentice about how it works.

Full Spectrum Bloom Center

The added acid bend affairs Mission 22 uses involves bringing antithesis aback to the body, affections and mind. Working with the Full Spectrum Bloom Center in Chicago, Veterans can be advised at home wherever they reside in the country. Based on appraisal and avant-garde claret testing, an alone analysis plan is developed for anniversary Adept to alleviate imbalances in their bodies and lives.

The ambition of the Full Spectrum Bloom Center is powerful. The dispensary states: “Full Spectrum Bloom Center for Endobiogenic anesthetic (FSH) uses a new access to heal soldiers and veterans from the central out.”

“Our access is to accept who you are and why you suffer with specific symptoms. Application the a lot of adult anatomy of alone medicine: Endobiogeny, our ambition is to alleviate you, your relationships with yourself, your family, and your community. Our access is based on acclimation and optimizing the four keys to health: Physique (hormones, nerves, brain, digestion), Apperception (spirituality: a adventure to close wholeness), Diet (nutrition for your body’s needs), Lifestyle (stress reduction, sleep, exercise).”

The Full Spectrum Bloom affairs includes plant-based therapies, pharmaceuticals if bare briefly to advice patients stabilize, self-integration plan to accretion added ascendancy of thoughts, animosity and actions, and pulsed electromagnetic acreage therapy.


Mission 22 was founded by Veterans to abate the tragedy of Adept suicides. They started with an accent on apprenticeship and now alike their efforts with assorted groups about the country.

Mission 22 helps awning the amount for these two healing programs that advice Veterans with column alarming accent or alarming academician abrasion clean their lives, so they are accepting donations to armamentarium Veterans who wish to go through these two programs.

*Paul G. Harch, et al. A Phase I Abstraction of Low-Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Analysis for Blast-Induced Post-Concussion Syndrome and Post-Traumatic Accent Disorder, Journal of Neurotrauma, January 1, 2012.

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