22 Veteran Suicides a Day – Mission 22 Cutting Edge Programs for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury

[Our] ambition is not to alleviate and affectation the problems our veterans are adverse but to alleviate them. Mission 22

This adventurous mission admiring me to Mission 22 if I aboriginal heard about the group.

More veterans die by suicide anniversary year than…

More veterans die by suicide anniversary year than the absolute of U.S. aggressive deaths in the absolute Iraq war and Afghanistan war combined! This is scary. It’s shocking. It’s unacceptable.

Mission 22 started if a acquaintance that co-founder Magnus Johnson served with took his own life. Magnus abstruse that 22 veterans a day were demography their lives and this abashed him into action. His acquaintance and adolescent aloft Green Beret Mike Kissel abutting with him to begin Mission 22. They started with a all-embracing accessible art activity in Nashville, Indiana as a way for veterans and civilians to plan calm to accession acquaintance of adept suicides.

A Civic Monument

Then they asked themselves the question: If there is a civic cairn anniversary those who died in about every war fought for our country, why couldn’t there be a cairn to those veterans who accept absent the action afterwards advancing home by demography their own lives?

Thus was built-in the affective all-embracing cairn apparent in the photo above. Mission 22 says: “We accustomed 20 veterans who absent their lives actuality at home afterwards confined our country abroad.”

Their mission has developed to awning assorted means for veterans, their families and communities to acquisition help. A lot of affecting to me are the acid bend healing programs that are giving arresting results. Before we attending at the healing programs in added detail, let’s yield a attending at the civic problem.

Veteran and Noncombatant Suicides

Veterans end their own lives at a amount abundant college than civilians. A part of men, the accident for suicide in 2014 was 19% college for Veterans compared with U.S. noncombatant developed men. And for women, the accident for suicide in 2014 was 250% college a part of Veterans than U.S. noncombatant developed women!

The Veterans Administration is putting added assets into aggravating to anticipate suicides, with an broadcast suicide hotline and added brainy bloom counseling. Still millions of Veterans either do not appointment a VA ability or are not abundantly helped if they do. Thus the charge for Mission 22 and caring groups like them.

The amount of Adept suicides is greatest a part of the youngest Veterans ages 18 – 29. This is accurate for both macho and changeable Veterans. However, the absolute amount of Adept suicides is still abundant beyond a part of earlier Veterans, artlessly because there are so abounding added earlier than adolescent Veterans. So advice is bare a part of all Veterans age groups.

Mission 22 Analysis Programs

Mission 22 currently has two analysis programs that focus on Alarming Academician Abrasion and Column Alarming Stress. The ambition is not to alleviate and affectation the problems our veterans are adverse but to alleviate them. Mission 22 website

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

According to Mission 22: “More than 350 Veterans accept reclaimed their lives” by application Hyperbaric Oxygen Analysis (HBOT) in affiliation with added modalities like diet and medical massage.

HBOT analysis enhances the body’s own healing process. People drag 100% oxygen in a absolute physique chamber, area the oxygen akin and atmospheric burden can be controlled for safety. HBOT has been accessible as a post-concussion analysis for football players and added athletes. The affinity with academician injuries suffered by Veterans led to the Mission 22 program.

The FDA has accustomed HBOT for a array of conditions, admitting not yet for alarming academician injury. However, Mission 22 has apparent such acceptable after-effects that the accumulation covers the amount for Veterans with Column Alarming Accent or academician abrasion to go through the HBOT analysis program.

A analytic abstraction appear in the Journal of Neurotrauma in 2012 approved cogent allowances of HBOT for both concrete and affecting issues in a accumulation of 16 Veterans with academician injuries.* HBOT is accepted to advice by abbreviating deepening and accretion claret breeze to the brain, but there is still abundant added to apprentice about how it works.

Full Spectrum Bloom Center

The added acid bend affairs Mission 22 uses involves bringing antithesis aback to the body, affections and mind. Working with the Full Spectrum Bloom Center in Chicago, Veterans can be advised at home wherever they reside in the country. Based on appraisal and avant-garde claret testing, an alone analysis plan is developed for anniversary Adept to alleviate imbalances in their bodies and lives.

The ambition of the Full Spectrum Bloom Center is powerful. The dispensary states: “Full Spectrum Bloom Center for Endobiogenic anesthetic (FSH) uses a new access to heal soldiers and veterans from the central out.”

“Our access is to accept who you are and why you suffer with specific symptoms. Application the a lot of adult anatomy of alone medicine: Endobiogeny, our ambition is to alleviate you, your relationships with yourself, your family, and your community. Our access is based on acclimation and optimizing the four keys to health: Physique (hormones, nerves, brain, digestion), Apperception (spirituality: a adventure to close wholeness), Diet (nutrition for your body’s needs), Lifestyle (stress reduction, sleep, exercise).”

The Full Spectrum Bloom affairs includes plant-based therapies, pharmaceuticals if bare briefly to advice patients stabilize, self-integration plan to accretion added ascendancy of thoughts, animosity and actions, and pulsed electromagnetic acreage therapy.


Mission 22 was founded by Veterans to abate the tragedy of Adept suicides. They started with an accent on apprenticeship and now alike their efforts with assorted groups about the country.

Mission 22 helps awning the amount for these two healing programs that advice Veterans with column alarming accent or alarming academician abrasion clean their lives, so they are accepting donations to armamentarium Veterans who wish to go through these two programs.

*Paul G. Harch, et al. A Phase I Abstraction of Low-Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Analysis for Blast-Induced Post-Concussion Syndrome and Post-Traumatic Accent Disorder, Journal of Neurotrauma, January 1, 2012.

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